Tuna Tape founded in 2005. Previously on that, our founder used to work in the tape industry as a high rank manager.

Today we have 3 brand under secured by a patent,  these are  FULLMAX, DINAMIK BANT and FORSTAPE brands which are popular in the Turkish tape market.

Also we have many international big companies in our customer portfolio, working with them many years.

Brand, quality and services are our priority for the customers.

Our range of products generally consisted by adhesive packaging tape, printed BOPP tapes, masking tapes and double-sided tapes for industrial or casual usage and demand under the Professional working principles.


Becoming confidential and systematic.

Becoming customer centred.

Increasing the brand value.

Supply the consumer’s demand and needs.

Team work and finish the projects just in time.


Our company Works hard to reach its aims. 


We produce our products in order to customer’s demands. 


We work hard together with our well experienced team without any excuse.

Being a producer firm requires some responsibility and vision. We know all of our responsibilities. We hope to meet you dear customers in a good days.